Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Seats and fuel filter

More bugs are coming out. The rivet that the starter relay wire is attached to was dirty and did not let the juice flow. I have removed the wire and solder the rivet. As a weird coincidence my own car had the same problem the same day!

These are the seats that will replace the one in the car...

Cleaned and installed.

I was tuning up the car on the road and the car died right on my driveway. Very lucky there! Turned out to be a clogged filter as well as the pick up in the tank which completely clogged.

I had a hard time to get the car in the garage with a lawn mower tank; I suspect the clogged carb as well.

The filter on the right was on the car for a few seconds!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I have received the bearing kit from Western Hemisphere.

This is the face that goes in.

I've check the pump before going any further.

I've reset the tappets and the engine is nice and quiet now. I just have to fine tune the carb and the car is done.