Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Changing the wiper motor

A marking from the factory...

The motor crumbled like a dry cookie.

Mother's works great on the aluminium hinges.

Hooked up the brake lights

This is what was in the oil after the second oil change.

I've put the spare thermostat in vinegar for several days...

... and tested it with a heat gun.

It is installed now.

Although I have drained the tank, some dirt is coming up...

... and messed up the fuel pump. I even found metal shaving in it !?

This is why I use Ligarex to hold the hose to the carb. That's how a DS turns into a pile of ash.

I relocated the new fuel pump before the pump.

Due to a leak, I've removed the HP pump. The spare one is also leaking at the same place, between the face and the body.

Reset the steering wheel and zero point. Needs to be double check while driving.

Not much left to do :o)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Fuel gauge...

I open the door to get to the fuel gauge. The tank and tank are is pristine! Looks like new.

The floater was still there but the sender unit was completely seized.

The old fuel was stuck in there.

After a good cleaning and sanding the brushes and resistor, the unit works great.

I have also bled the front brakes and drove the car.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Windshiled and hood...

After 24 hrs of curing time of the POR15, I've install the windshield. I've started by applying sealer in the groove and put the gasket in place. I put petroleum jelly around the windshield to slide it easily into the gasket.
Once in place, I sealed the bottom. Once cured I added the holding piece under it starting by the center and then doing each side separately to keep the windshield in place.

The summer is coming, so the duct has to be fixed.

I sawed the slop shut then apply duct tape.

The hood is back on.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I removed valuable parts form the gray DS. I saved the steering rack also. The hood, truck lid and leather door panels won't go to the junk yard either.

Time to say goodbye...

I will install the tented windshield from the part car, but...

Surprise! Too bad the windshield bay was good on the part car.

After grinding, wire-brushing and treating the rust with POR15...

This will hold until the car is restored.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The rear fender fastener needed some TLC...

... I've welded a 12mm nut and the screw can be replaced with a polish stainless steel one at a later date. The washer is for an oil drain plug.

I still have problems with sticky valves. Actually it was getting worse. I think the new oil flushed the engine and got the varnish and sludge loose which made the valves sticky again. This is the oil after 1 or 2 hrs running:

The inside of the rocker cover had a very sticky varnish. I cleaned it up, replaced the oil and added Marvel Mystery oil. The car needs to be driven and the oil needs to be changed until all contaminants are flushed out.

I've discovered this... So bizarre, I did not notice this before. I have a spare one on the donor car.