Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Engine is running...

The engine is hooked up and running... Video to come...

I am soaking in WD40 the rear lights from the part car to save them and use some of them for the stop lights.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cleaned up the carb before installing it. The second throttle was getting stuck; the screw was backed off too much.

I was nervous about welding on the exhaust manifold but after warming it up with a torch (Cast iron brakes when the temperature difference is too great), I silver brazed a screw on it. I previously did a few threads to hold the screw in place. After brazing, I warmed up again the rest of the manifold and let cool off slowly.

After sawing, grinding and tapping the screw. It is a little off center but I just have to modify a little

Friday, March 26, 2010

The exhaust rockers are ready to go. The axles are not that good but after a polish job they can do for another few years.

This cylinder was really badly rusted...

After removing most rust and honing the cylinder, it is passable. It looks worth that it actually is. The other cylinders are OK.

I put 2 coats of copper sealer spray on the head gasket.

It's on and torqued. Today, I'll set the rockers.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I've cleaned up the threads on the studs and block.

Cleaned up the intake ramp and polished the axle.

I polished the valve stems and put the valves back on the head.

An important Citroen tool to hold the valves in place while putting the springs on...

Ready to go back on the block...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Extracting broken bolts...

Patience paid off once again. I put WD40 everyday on the broken stud. After heating the block with a torch, the stud came right off with the extractor.

The water pump is very clean inside.

The broken stud on the manifold is giving me trouble. The drill bit broke in it. So i am dealing with this today.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Problem! Sticky valves...

Due to a sticky valve that kissed the piston, I have to open the engine. I was concerned by braking exhaust studs. I broke only one on the top; for the bunch holding the manifold, I used a torch and wd40 on everyone of them and patience paid off.

I had problem with to head studs. This one was stuck in the head and the other (Which I broke) was stuck in the block.

Surprise! A steel wire was wedged between the head and the block! First I have seen this.

A lot of sticky varnish is on the top of the cylinders. I'll use paint thinner and I might lightly hone the cylinders thereafter.

This one was really stuck in the head. It lifted the head while I unscrewed it, which is not good on a DS due to the wet sleeves that might get undone from the bottom, but the sleeves stayed down.

little kiss to the piston. The valve is OK.

No trace on the piston.

The intake valves were stuck solid due to a very sticky varnish. I had to use a heat gun and paint thinner to get them out. I even used a torch for one of them.

The water chamber in the head is very clean.

The valves are lapped...

... and the combustion chambers are clean.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Exhaust (Part2)...

Set back this morning... Major coolant leak. Also, when I have started the engine, I hurt a crack. The engine is smoking and the tappets are noisy, I am wondering if there are some sticky valves. This car has to be driven.
Looks like the front suspension problem is due to the height corrector. The car does go down now and is very lazy on the front. The back works quickly and nicely.

I had to remove the alternator. Rusted through pin hole on the lower water hose.

Back on the exhaust. The metal thickness does not look original. I'll be welding an extension...

Then, the seem at the 2 in one collector came apart. I welded shut.

Bought some silentblocks (Reference 35144) for the exhaust and fabricated a bracket to match the other side.

There were another leak on the top on the 2 in 1 which I could not weld. I patched it up with an epoxy patch and 2 clamps.

The new bracket in place.

Finished and quiet.