Thursday, June 3, 2010

Still having problem with dirty fuel

Drained the tank again.

The hose was at the very bottom of the tank, sucking all the dirt.

In addition, a rubber hose in the engine compartment was porous.

Cleaned up the gutters and put some sealer

The starter relay failed again. I' replaced it with a universal one (With a button)

More crap in the fuel filters...

After getting stuck 4 times on the road (Turned out that a kink on the hose was getting the dirt stuck sometime), I changed the pick up hose with a new one (Used on Chevrolet) of the same diameter . I've engaged it until it touched the bottom of the tank and backed off 2 or 3 mm; this should improve the dirt pick up problem.

The 5th gear was engaging but disengaging after a little while. The bushing fro the linkage at the gear box was damaged. Replaced it with a rubber hose and 2 washers temporarily; works perfectly.

The car is pretty much finished. Drives very well except for a noise on the front right side (Will investigate today). I vac the inside, dressed the tires, did the hubcaps etc...

I've also treated the leather.

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