Friday, August 27, 2010

Follow up...

The car came back to get the head re-torqued. Some other issues appeared in the mean time. As expected, one of the rear suspension boots broke.

The groove carved by the ball.

Very rusty and pitted ball. I am waiting for a bag of new chrome balls.

Dremell to the rescue!

If one boot cracked after so many years of immobilization, the other will break soon. Sure enough...

Ready to be installed. Waiting for the balls and ball boots.

The head was re-torqued; next will be to check the valve clearance. I have drained the coolant, then the oil to make sure no seepage of coolant occurred in the engine.

This is the reason why the car got stuck on the freeway 60 miles away from my shop. The original ignition wire broke. I have soldered new terminals .

The car is too high on the back. Ready to address this.

The front was hard and I thought that a sphere was bad. The spheres are good but the eight corrector is not working properly when using the height lever. This is next on my list.

Waiting for the rear bumper brackets.

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